Mr. Mohammed Saleem
Managing Director
I just started a new business and I was without an Identity and then I came across Sky High Tech. These guys helped me create a Logo and business stationery. They even helped me get my business name to appear on the Internet.
Mr. Reza Asad
I've known Sky High Tech before getting my Day To Day website. So when I reached out to them, I was well aware that my website will be in good hands. They helped me in getting the Hosting Server, They helped in uploading products. They even came to our office to train the staff. Would rate my experience with Sky High Tech 10 out of 10
Ms. Dalal
My husband told me about Sky High Tech as he had his website developed by them and heard only positive feedback about them. So I decided to give them a try for my very own website. I am truly amazed by the work they have performed. My website got ready within a month which was super fast and if I face any issues, they are always there to help without any delay.
Mr. Izhar Sajid
Operations Manager
These guys are super fast when it comes to communication whether it’s 1 in the afternoon or 1 at night, I never had difficulties reaching out to them. The first time I saw the website design I was blown away as it was exactly what I was looking for.
Mr. Farrukh Bashir
I just wanted to say that this would not have been possible without you guys. Since the day you guys started on the website and to date, the support you and your team have provided has been outstanding. If it was on me, this website would still be coming soon for another few years. I am just amazed at the work you guys did. I wasn’t sure if the idea that I had would ever turn into reality but it did because of you guys.
Mr. Hamad Kooheji
Sky High Tech Team did a wonderful job when it came to designing and developing an e-commerce website. First I wasn’t even sure if I needed a website, but now I am glad I have one as I get more customers from it